MEDIATION – Besides training and experience of working with people, Mary Clement has a firm  yet gentle, compassionate approach to helping people resolve difficult situations. She does not permit either party to be verbally or physically abusive in her presence. She offers two different types of a neutral place to communicate–rural, retreat setting or the conference room of a business establishment. She knows the law and the developmental stages of children so as to help you craft a parenting plan for the best interest of your child(ren). She can help you be creative in settling matters by using facilitative, evaluative, and transformative mediation techniques. You get what is needed and the chance to say “good-bye” with dignity. Save the higher costs of an attorney and hire her as a mediator. Pay a mediator’s fee and have both the lawyer’s knowledge of the law and the skills of a social worker for the price of one!

The hourly fee is $400 an hour with each side paying $200 for at least two consecutive hours. The first hour of reading the briefs and talking with the attorneys to identify all the issues that need to be resolved is FREE upon payment of the non-refundable payment for the first two hours.

Use the Pay Now button below for the two hour minimum and your half of my initial mediation service.