Mary J. Clement, Ph.D., JD/MSW

Attorney in the Woods

Academically trained, certified and licensed to use a detailed-oriented approach of your facts combined with scientific research and other case law to form your BEST DEFENSE–CRIMINAL AND CIVIL.
Legal Assistance For Civil and Family Law:

  • Want to be FOREVER A PART OF MY CHILD’S LIFE? Divorce dramatically affects children.  Do you want the best for your children while going through a divorce or the new environment afterwards?
  • Are you a FOREVER-GRANDPARENT?  Do you have grandchildren and want help to have visitation or to be part of their young lives? Do your children as parents neglect your grandchildren and you want to know what to do legally?



  • Prove-me-not-guilty — Wrongfully accused of a crime?
  • Need to find errors in my trial — appeal work?


Legal Services:
Using extensive training and education, Mary Jeanette Clement can use a detailed-oriented approach of your facts combined with scientific research and other case law to form your best CIVIL AND CRIMINAL defenses and strategies.  As an attorney, she can file a divorce complaint in Sumner, Wilson, Rutherford, and Trousdale Counties as well as represent you in a divorce or custody action. At the same time, being trained as a social worker, she can help reduce the horrible stress that comes with being in the legal system over such emotional issues as one’s family. Besides getting good legal knowledge of what can and cannot be done, a client gets a very compassionate attorney.

As a former criminal justice professor, Mary Clement can fight for your rights in juvenile or criminal court. She can also appeal your criminal case and argue for a new trial. She recently represented a client that she believes has been wrongfully accused.  His case was on appeal to the TN Supreme Court–State of Tennessee v. Glover P. Smith, App.:M2011-00440-SC-R11-CD and was decided June 2014.

Besides the typical knowledge of the legal process and the law, Mary Clement can help you avoid costly (time and money) civil litigation and use what many people have found to be a more satisfying experience – MEDIATION, where you help craft the outcome. This dispute resolution settlement is usually better than what a judge can order because of the limitation of the law. Use mediation for most civil complaints and other disputes in families, work place, neighborhoods, schools etc. Save your legal fees; hire her at mediator’s fees and get both a mediator and an attorney for the price of one.

Mary Jeanette Clement as a warrior for truth offers lawyering for the following areas:

  • Defenses to criminal law such as drug crimes like possession, domestic violence, sex crimes, rape/sexual assault
  • DUI and other traffic violations
  • Family Law
  • Divorce/Child Custody
  • General Public Law


Due to divorce, separation, adoption, death of parent(s) or other reasons, you may need assistance in:

  • Custody court evaluations
  • Family integration and reintegration
  • Parenting post-divorce plan with co-parenting issues
  • Expert witnesses
  • Counseling on psychological and emotional issues while coaching people through the legal system


We follow the guidelines established by the American Psychological Association
Mary Jeanette Clement, Ph.D., JD/MSW brings a dual degree in law and social work and work experience with victims/survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and abuse. She worked with Attorney’s office in the juvenile court for the City of Richmond, Virginia. Her textbook Juvenile Justice System: Law and Process, Second Edition, has been adopted by many criminal justice programs throughout the United States. She has taken training for Rule 31 Listed General Civil mediator and the cross-over training for family mediation in the State of Tennessee.

For practicing lawyers, let us assist you!
For your cases dealing with personal injury, workman’s compensation, disability, domestic relations, and tort claims, we can provide:

Consultation – to assist with the trial theory

Services – to the client to reduce stress, fears, and anxieties for deposition and testimony at trial

Mediation – to resolve the most complex or simple disputes (business, higher education and family matters).

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